2011 Was One of Waterloo’s Worst Years For Fatal Crashes

By , May 17, 2012 10:01 am

2011 was one of Waterloo’s worst years. Seven people were killed and many were severely injured in seven fatal accidents at random locations. These many deaths have not happened in almost 10 years. Six out of seven were single vehicle crashes. Only one happened at an intersection where two cars collided. About half of the deaths involved alcohol and drugs. Among the fatal crashes were a motorcycle passenger, a pedestrian, and a tractor driver. One fatality was due to a diabetic attack.  Almost all of the deaths happened at non-intersection random locations. Six out of seven accidents involved only one vehicle. We are well into the 21st century and we die of such tragic preventable sudden deaths. What is happening to us as a society? What is causing all these deaths? Are we over-confident? Are we inattentive? Do we need more traffic safety education? Are we not aware of the dangers? Alcohol? Are traffic safety campaigns mis-directed? When fatal crashes are single-vehicles happening at random locations the burden lays almost entirely on the drivers’ shoulders.

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  1. Matt says:

    The crashes with no apparent cause are most likely distracted driver crashes (cell phone, iPod, etc). It doesn’t matter how safely the engineers design the roads – drivers who don’t pay attention to the driving task will hurt themselves and possibly others. It is unfortunate that although we know there is a significant and real problem with distracted driving, legislation is slow in coming to help address public safety. This isn’t that different from the story of implementation of seat belt laws and consider how many people were injured or died over the many years it took to implement laws and campaigns that had a dramatic impact on public safety. Many thousands of lives could have been saved and many more injuries could have been avoided if we would have acted more decisively with the undeniable data available to us.

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